President Trump Admitted He’s a Genius

This Saturday was a historic day in America: President Donald J. Trump admitted he’s a genius in an epic three-tweet thread:

As I have said on this blog, Trump was a very successful businessman – in the construction and management of multi-million dollar New York City skyscrapers, 5-Star Hotels, golf courses, and casinos. He’s one of only about 500 billionaires in America, in a country of 340 million people. He was also one of the few successful TV stars and best-selling authors. He also graduated first in his class at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, America’s number one business school. Finally, he ran for president without ever being elected to public office before, and won on the first try, defeating 16 highly successful GOP candidates and the Democratic Party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump” by GageSkidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sure, he had a few setbacks. But, what successful businessman hasn’t failed at something? Failure is a prerequisite to success.


On this blog, I have argued that President Trump often portrays himself as an idiot so his opponents underestimate him. So far, it has worked. The conventional wisdom is that Trump is a complete moron who has no idea what he’s doing. Ask any journalist or left-wing activist in Washington, DC. Look at the liberal blue-check marks on Twitter. Everyone on The Left is convinced Trump is an idiot.

So I’m sure a lot of you guys who are reading this post are asking to yourselves: why would Trump admit he’s a genius? He admitted it for the same reason I created this blog: to signal to Trump supporters and swing voters that Trump is a secret genius who knows exactly what he’s doing. BESIDES, liberals have severe cognitive dissonance, as I’ve discussed on this blog. Blue check mark liberals are already mocking it.

These folks are going to be blindsided.

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