Google Gives Up Fact-Checking Tool After Being Exposed To Anti-Conservative Bias

Google announced on Friday that it will be discontinuing its fact-check feature after being exposed for its bias against right-wing publishers, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“We said previously that we encountered challenges in our systems that maps fact checks to publishers,” Google told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday. “And on further examination, it’s clear that we are unable to deliver the quality we’d like for users.”

They made this decision by citing The Daily Caller News Foundation’s bombshell investigation on January 9th that found Google was “displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results,” while very few left-wing publishers got the same treatment.


DCNF tech reporter Eric Lieberman first reported last week that when people search on Google for right-wing news websites like The Daily Caller, you would find a “reviewed claims” widget in which articles were disputed by left-wing fact-checking organizations like Snopes.

With few exceptions, whenever one would conduct a Google search for any left-wing outlet, you wouldn’t even find a “reviewed claims” widget, even if that liberal publisher had articles disputed by fact-checkers.

Additionally, Google also completely screwed up some the “reviewed claims.” Here’s one example Lieberman cited:

“Ostensibly trying to sum up the crux of the post, the third-party ‘fact-checking’ organization says the ‘claim’ in a DC article that special Counsel Robert Mueller is hiring people that ‘are all Hillary Clinton supporters’ is misleading, if not false.

The problem is that TheDC’s article makes no such claim. Their cited language doesn’t even appear in the article. Worse yet, there was no language trying to make it seem that the investigation into the Trump administration and Russia is entirely comprised of Clinton donors. The story simply contained the news: Mueller hired a Hillary Clinton donor to aid the investigation into President Donald Trump.”

Even the Washington Post’s vice president of communications admitted that Google screwed up, telling TheDCNF that “The Daily Caller ended up being erroneously listed as the source of the fact-checked quote in this case.”

Google said they were “putting the experiment on hold.”

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