The Top 10 States Most Affected By Government Shutdown

Of the 2.8 million federal employees, about 2/3rds (1.9 million) of them are eligible to be exempt from furlough, deemed as “essential.” In 2013, about 1.35 million or 63 percent of federal government employees still worked during the government shutdown.

Personal finance website calculated the impact of each state with six key metrics, which includes the number of federal employees and contracts to the percentage of kids covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The impact varies by state. It should be no suprise that Washington, DC and the two states that border the nation’s capital, Virginia and Maryland, are most affected.

Both DC and Maryland scored a 70.4 while Virginia scored a 67.7. Alaska, which is heavily dependent on the federal government, has a 58.8. President Trump only won three of the top ten states.


Top 10 States Most Affected by the Government Shutdown:

1) District of Columbia
2) Maryland
3) Virginia
4) Alaska
5) Hawaii
6) New Mexico
7) Montana
8) Oklahoma
9) California
10) Alabama

Meanwhile, three Midwestern states – Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana – are least affected by the government shutdown. Trump won eight of the top 10 states least affected.

Top 10 States Least Affected by the Government Shutdown:

42) North Dakota
43) North Carolina
44) Illinois
45) Iowa
46) Tennessee
47) Ohio
48) Delaware
49) Indiana
50) Michigan
51) Minnesota

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