The Top 5 Biggest Revelations From The Nunes Memo

The Nunes Memo is not a dud. No, it does not hurt national security. No, it was not created to discredit the Mueller investigation. No, it does not recommend the termination Bob Mueller or Rod Rosenstein. No, there are no falsehoods, lies, half-truths, or distortions in the Nunes Memo.

The Nunes Memo does shed some light on why unpaid volunteer Trump Campaign advisor Carter Page was spied on. Make no mistake about it: there were bombshells in the memo.

Here are the top 5 revelations:


1. Fusion GPS Dossier Was The Central Basis For FISA Warrant On Carter Page

It turns out that the Fusion GPS dossier was the central basis for the FISA warrant against Page. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claimed, under oath to Congress, that if it weren’t for that dossier, there would be no FISA warrant on Carter Page.

This is a serious problem for several reasons.

Number 1: it was an oppo research document paid for by left-wing law firm Perkins-Cole, on behalf of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Number 2: It was also riddled with inaccuracies and unverified information.

It was so unverified that left-wing news organizations like the New York Times and Washington Post rejected the publication of it.

Fusion GPS even retracted key parts.

They defamed Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who sued them.

Even FBI Director James Comey once testified to Congress, under oath, that parts of the Fusion GPS dossier were “salacious and unverified.”

Even the left-wing Newsweek dunked THIRTEEN key points in the dossier.

Respected anti-Bush journalist Bob Woodward called it “garbage.”

Number 3: The Russians could easily have lied to them.

Number 4: Fusion GPS has sketchy clients like Hugo Chavez.

2. The FBI, Justice Department Lied On The FISA Application

The memo claims that “The application does not mention Steele was ultimately working on behalf of — and paid by — the DNC and Clinton campaign, or that the FBI had separately authorized payment to Steele for the same information.”

They did not tell the FISA court that the dossier was an oppo research document paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s a huge omission and likely illegal.

The application also did not include Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump bias.

3. Yahoo! News Article Was Used For FISA Warrant

You read that correctly. The FBI relied heavily on a Yahoo! News article, written by Michael Isikoff, for a spy warrant on Carter Page.

How insane is that?

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller noted some problems with the FBI using the news article:

“A veteran reporter who has worked inside the Beltway for decades, Isikoff used vague sourcing in his Carter Page article. He also failed to disclose that his information was the fruit of an anti-Trump opposition research campaign funded by Democrats.

He also did not acknowledge that his source — former British spy Christopher Steele — had already given the FBI the information he used in the article.”

4. George Papadopoulos, NOT Carter Page, Launched The Trump-Russia Investigation

Critics of the Nunes Memo frequently make the false claim that the memo’s purpose is to shut down the Mueller investigation or fire someone.

In reality, the memo itself admits that “The Page FISA application also mentions information regarding fellow Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos…The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.”

5. The Memo Doesn’t Hurt National Security

There is nothing in the memo that releases any sort of sources or methods. There was no legitimate reason to redact anything. Period.


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