Another Comey Ally Is Retiring From The FBI

Fox News reported on Thursday that FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs Michael Kortan, is planning to retire.

Kortan has been an ally to former FBI Director James Comey. He also served under former Director Robert Mueller, who is now special counsel for the Trump-Russia investigation.

It’s unclear whether the retirement has any relevance to the Strzok-Page texts, the Justice Department Inspector General’s investigation into the FBI, or President Donald Trump’s recent criticism of some FBI agents.


In July 2016, he coordinated media coverage and handed out copies of Comey’s public statement regarding the Clinton email investigation.

Kortan was possibly mentioned in a recently unearthed text message exchange between Strzok and Page.

In a September 2016 text, Strzok wrote that “there are VERY inflammatory things in the 302s we didn’t turn over to [Congress]…that are going to come out in FOIA and absolutely inflames Congress. I’m sure Jim and Trisha and Dave and Mike are all considering how things like that play out as they talk amongst themselves.”

“Mike” was likely a reference to Kortan, according to Fox News.

This comes just two weeks after former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe resigned.


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