FBI Agents Shred Comey Suck Up, Recent CNN Hire

Current and former FBI agents told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday that they were disturbed by CNN’s decision to hire Josh Campbell, a former assistant to FBI Director James Comey.

Campbell, 34, has only been with the FBI for a few years and has mostly worked on the communications team instead of working cases in the field.

“What can [Campbell] contribute? I don’t think that he would be someone who could offer any type of, really, knowledge about what law enforcement analysts are, because, what is his experience?” former Special Agent Jack Garcia, a 26 year FBI veteran, told TheDCNF.


Campbell “did the minimal amount of time he could before retiring. Any idea that he is some seasoned agent … is ludicrous — he just isn’t that,” one anonymous 25-year FBI agent said. “He sees himself as a star. He hasn’t been part of our brotherhood.”

Campbell is a staunch Comey defender. In January, he wrote an op-ed in USA Today after Comey was fired, saying he wasn’t a “showboat” and described him as a “giant of a man with an even bigger heart.”

Campbell later wrote an op-ed in the New York Times announcing his resignation because the criticism of some FBI agents hurt his feelings.

“Scorched-earth attacks from politicians with partisan goals now threaten that support, raising corrosive doubts about the integrity of the F.B.I. that could last for generations,” he wrote.

Comey, who was recently critical of the Nunes memo, praised the op-ed in February on Twitter.

“I have never seen a director of the FBI tweet out praise for an employee, especially a junior employee like Josh Campbell,” said former FBI agent Jack Garcia. “That’s unheard of.”

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