Former Obama Official Pleaded Guilty To Sex Crimes

An official in Barack Obama’s White House resigned in 2016 because he was arrested for taking pictures up women’s skirts, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

The official, William Mendoza, was the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, a position created by Obama in 2011, until he resigned in November 2016.

Mendoza, a 42-year-old married man, was convicted after pleading guilty to attempted voyeurism, a misdemeanor.


The Department of Education employee used his government-issued iPhone, during work hours, to take photos and videos up women’s skirts four times in July 2016 without their consent. He did this traveling through the DC Metro using a taxpayer-funded travel card.

Mendoza, who was making a $140,000 salary, was also caught looking at footage of a woman in her underwear getting changed in a dressing room during work hours.

He was given suspended 90-day prison sentence, one year’s probation, and was fined $100.

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