Mueller Hires Another Democrat To His Team

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported on Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller hired Aaron Zelinsky, a self-described Democrat, to his Trump-Russia investigative team.

Zelinsky, 34, wrote nearly 50 articles as a contributor to HuffPost from 2009 to 2014.

“I’m a Democrat,” he wrote in November 2012.


He wrote many articles endorsed left-wing policy positions. He also gave advice exclusively to the Democratic Party. The only advice he ever gave to the Republican Party was to stop “trying to deprive people of their basic human rights.”

Federal Elections Commission records show that nine of the 16 publicly-disclosed lawyers on the Mueller team has donated to Democratic Party candidates.

Zelinsky wasn’t a publicly disclosed lawyer on his team, but records reveal a $100 donation he made to a Democratic committee in his home state of Connecticut in 2014. He donated $100 to a local Democratic lawmaker in 2016.


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