The Russian Trolls’ Favorite American Political Pundit Was MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid

The American political pundit who received the most retweets on Twitter was the left-wing, vehemently anti-Trump MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid, according to a report from legal news website Law & Crime.

Reid, a “Heroin of the #Resistance” and anti-Trump host, received 267 retweets by the Russian trolls who were indicted by Mueller’s team this week.

President Donald Trump received 578 retweets from these Russian trolls.


Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) received 27 retweets.

The Russians organized both pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies. For example, the Kremlin organized the “Trump is NOT my President” rally in New York City, which filmmaker Michael Moore participated in. Such rallies were covered extensively by MSNBC and CNN.

Joy Ann Reid is unique for using her Twitter account to spread fake news and conspiracy theories on various topics such as the Russia Sanctions billSteele dossier, black Trump supporters, Trump’s current and previous wives, Georgia’s 6th district, Twitter users, National Review’s David French, guns, and conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch,

Reid is also one of the most divisive left-wing commentators. She has attacked Christians, joked about Nazis, once claimed the Trump era is “the worst time to be a human,” and tweets horribly divisive things all the time (such as the tweet below).


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