Liberalism Destroyed Stoneman Douglas

By John Washington, Liberty Nation, March 4, 2018

Law enforcement is an essential part of our culture. In most cases, the job itself doesn’t have to be difficult. The officers arrive on the scene and begin an investigation. Patrol officers arrest the suspect if there is probable cause. If the suspect has fled the scene, the case is assigned to an investigator. If he or she can determine probable cause exists, a warrant is signed. That’s the job, in a nutshell – no politics, especially social liberalism, needed.

In the last week, we have been told how bad the National Rifle Association is. The mainstream media has inundated our televisions with vitriol towards Republicans as well. One thing the media has failed to do is acknowledge how liberalism is responsible for 17 teenagers murdered in Parkland, Florida.


Since day one of the shooting, Sheriff Scott Israel has made calls for a ban on “assault” rifles. Israel has been a consistent voice in uniform for the mainstream media and their gun control agenda. However, Israel will not acknowledge a program he implemented in the school district that is politically liberal.


Israel implemented the Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports, & Education, or PROMISE, program in 2013. This program is intended to divert youthful offenders away from the criminal justice system by referring them to some form of counseling, meaning that when a student commits a crime, they are not arrested or cited. The offender doesn’t face punishment for his or her decisions. The program does not teach personal responsibility.

Cruz was disciplined over 25 times but managed to receive counseling instead of legal action. He sold knives from his lunchbox, even though it is against the law to have them on school property.

When Israel enacted the program, centered around his failed ideology, the only thing we should have expected was more failure. It is unfortunate that this may have been a contributing factor in the mass shooting.


Liberalism has no place in law enforcement. In most cases, enforcing the law is a black and white issue with little room for shades of gray. Due to leftists operating primarily on feelings and the criminal justice system solely on facts, the ideology does not mix well with the job.

Officers can make discretionary calls in some cases. However, there are other times when the law should be enforced, even with juveniles. Israel’s belief that a minor shouldn’t go into the criminal justice system because it is damaging to the student is disingenuous. In almost every case, juveniles have their records sealed, alleviating issues after they become a legal adult at 18.

Leftists use taxpayers’ money in an attempt to fix the symptoms of the problem rather than addressing the cause. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office manipulated arrest numbers for federal funding. Israel wanted low arrest numbers so that he could get more money. Apparently, he decided it was more important to get money than to arrest offenders. His greed cost lives – but he lectured Dana Loesch on morality.

The tragedy in Parkland is an example why leftism and law enforcement do not work together. Nicholas Cruz should have had a lengthy criminal record. Had charges been applied, the ease with which he obtained his firearm would have been reduced. Instead, Israel allowed his ideology to take over his job. In the end, we see the results.

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