Gary Cohn Resigns After Trade Disagreements

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser Gary Cohn resigned this week, the White House announced on Tuesday.

Cohn, the former COO of Goldman Sachs, has been one of the architects of the key components of Trumponomics: the Trump tax cuts, the deregulations, and the stock market boom.

However, Cohn strongly disagrees with the new tariffs on steel and aluminum that were implemented this week.


The move to implement tariffs shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone. Trump ran for president as a populist conservative who opposed trade deals such as NAFTA and open to new tariffs. He also criticized Hillary Clinton for being in bed with Goldman Sachs. However, Trump himself appointed Cohn and fellow GS alum Steve Mnuchin to his administration.

This move also comes only a few days before the March 13th special election in the Pittsburgh-based Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district. The Republican nominee for the district, Rick Saccone, supports the new tariffs.

President Trump and Vice President Pence both commented on the departure.


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