Gallup: Majority Support Conservative Proposals On Mass Shootings

By Jeff Charles, Liberty Nation, March 18, 2018

What do Americans believe should be done about mass shootings? If you accept the left’s position, you might think that most Americans support initiatives that would further restrict gun use. If you consider the reporting by left-wing news outlets to be accurate, you might believe that Americans stand in solidarity with the thousands of students who walked out of class. However, a recent Gallup poll reveals something different.


Because out of the top three proposals only one of them is related to restricting guns. Not only that, the other two proposals are ideas that conservatives have been pushing in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.



The Gallup poll looked at seven of the most common policy proposals that are designed to address mass shootings. These include:

  • Raising the age to purchase firearms from 18 to 21.
  • Better training for police officers who respond to mass shootings.
  • Banning semi-automatic weapons.
  • Background checks for all gun sales.
  • Increased school security measures.
  • Programs to identify potential mass shooters.
  • Having teachers carry firearms.

The results of the poll showed that the three most-supported proposals were better training for police officers at 95%, background checks for gun sales at 92%, and more security in schools at 87%. It is also interesting to note that programs to identify potential shooters was only one percentage point below school security.

The results also showed that on some issues people’s opinions fell along party lines. 72% of Democrats supported a ban on semi-automatic rifles while only 37% of Republicans expressed support for a ban. 22% of Democrats supported arming trained teachers while 69% of Republicans approved of the proposal.

It is interesting to note that although the left-wing media would have us believe that most Americans are against the idea of having more security in our schools, Gallup’s poll shows the opposite. 83% of Democrats supported improved security measures in schools.

Moreover, while most on the right blamed the shooter and the incompetence of law enforcement for the shooting, the left focused primarily on the AR-15 that the gunman used. However, Gallup’s survey shows that most Americans — including the majority of Democrats — believe that increased training for law enforcement and first responders would prevent mass shootings.


To be fair, the survey showed that there was a small majority of Americans who supported banning semi-automatic weapons. However, most Americans aren’t aware of the fact that most of the guns that Americans use are semi-automatic weapons. Either way, this number should be alarming to people who support the Second Amendment. Furthermore, the 56% support for banning semi-automatic rifles is far less than the overwhelming support for security in schools and better training for peace officers.

The majority of Americans know that attempting to impose more restrictions on guns will not stop mass shootings. Gun laws do not deter people who commit massacres like Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. It is also important to note that gun laws have done nothing to curb gun violence in cities like Chicago.

Nobody likes the idea of having armed officers, metal detectors, and other security measures in our children’s schools, but we know that they are necessary. We understand that we need to make it harder for evil and mentally ill people to carry out attacks against our kids, not easier.

Instead of arguing over whether or not we should make it more difficult for law-abiding Americans to obtain guns, we should be looking at practical solutions that will deter and stop potential mass shooters. Unfortunately, many on the left seem to be more concerned with figuring out how to take guns out of the hands of Americans than with taking actual steps to prevent mass shootings. How can liberty-minded people ensure that they do not succeed?

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