Trump Attacks Mueller For The First Time

On Saturday, President Donald Trump criticized Robert Mueller by name for the first time in his presidency.

He attacked Mueller again on Sunday.

FACT: While Mueller is a Republican who was appointed FBI director by George W. Bush, none of the people he hired for his Trump-Russia probe are registered Republicans.


Mueller continued to be FBI director under President Barack Obama, and Obama even offered him two extra years beyond his ten-year term limit.

Publicly available voter registration information shows that 13 of the 17 members of Mueller’s team have previously registered as Democrats, while four had no affiliation or their affiliation could not be found.

Nine of the 17 made political donations to Democrats.

However, one of the four individuals who wasn’t a registered Democrat and never donated to Democrats is Aaron Zebley, one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers for the email server investigation. Another one is Zainab Admad, who has ties to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ and right-hand-man Andrew Weissmann attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City and sent an email in January to then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates, praising her for refusing to enforce the travel ban.

His attacks on Mueller sparked outrage and hysteria from Democrats and a few Republicans.



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