Stormy Daniels And The Clinton Trap

By Mark Angelides, Liberty Nation, March 26, 2018

There is a clear plot afoot to bring down President Trump. No, it’s not Russian Collusion, that one has failed. No, it’s not sexual harassment allegations either… that failed, too. This latest transparent plot by the leftist media in conjunction with the oh so helpful Democrats is to catch the president in a Clinton Trap.

Unbeknownst to many of the youthful leftists, Bill Clinton was actually impeached, and no, it wasn’t for having an affair; it was for committing perjury. This is the path that the savage anti-Trumpers are hoping to lead Donald down. Whether he is guilty of infidelity is neither here nor there (that is a matter for his wife and his conscience), what remains is one question: will he spot the trap?


If President Trump continues to deny the affair happened, the left will insist that he says the same thing under oath. From that point on, they can (regardless of if the allegations are proved true or not) insist that he committed perjury to all who care to listen. They will:

  1. Claim the moral high-ground.
  2. State as loudly and as publically as possible that Bill Clinton had to leave, Trump should do the same.
  3. Attack Melania as a victim if she stays with him (and even if she doesn’t).
  4. Put out a call for more “victims” to come forward and make their case, insisting that Trump, under oath, deny every single one.
  5. Speak on every complicit news channel that they now have a solid legal basis for impeachment.

Upon Trump’s likely denial, there will be hints and allegations that a damning piece of evidence is about to be revealed that the media will spin as bigger than Watergate (again), announce that the key “evidence” will destroy Trump electorally (again), and in the end fail to actually produce the “evidence” (again).


Despite all the calls for impeachment, and the sharpness of the Clinton Trap, Donald Trump will not be impeached. The simple reason being that the Democrats would be unable to govern a country that is in open revolt against them for “setting up” the president.

The Democrats need to keep the story alive and as prominent as possible to swing enough voters to remove Trump through the ballot box; at which point they can claim that “the forces of hate have been rejected.”


If Trump did have sexual relations with Ms. Daniels, his best possible option is to come clean. Although as the Clinton Trap tightens this will be more difficult as she has since announced to Anderson Cooper that someone threatened her (funny how this only comes out now).

If he didn’t have sex with her, he needs to step forward on this and expose exactly what is happening; that this is a trap designed to do him damage in the elections. Sitting back is not an option.

To leave you with a final thought: Remember when Judge Roy Moore was riding high in the polls for the Alabama Senate race? It all seemed to be within his grasp when allegations (stoked and shaped by Gloria Allred) came to light that he had sex with an underage girl. What happened to that case? Surely if it was true it was a crime? Why no investigations? Why no demands that this be brought to trial? The simple answer is that this was a political hatchet job carried out by people who have no concern nor care for the truth. Welcome to the Clinton Trap.

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