Stop the Migrant Mob?


Washington D.C. October 2018 – Sponsored Content .  Its more important than ever to support the President’s agenda and firm stance against illegal immigration.

We’ve all heard about the mob of migrants marching their way to our southern border right now.

They are flying the flags of their home nations like they are heading into battle.
They seem to have zero regard for the legal immigration process that so many fantastic people have patiently and respectfully followed for decades in order to move to the United States LEGALLY.
We cannot afford to normalize massive migrations with no regard for borders – that is why we must remind President Trump that we are behind him and agree that the migrant mob must turn around.
If you support the America First Agenda, I urge you to join the Trump Coalition today and stand alongside patriots all over the country.
Please show you’re support and  “Join the Presidential Coalition 
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The Presidential Coalition, an affiliate of Citizens United, exists to educate the American public on the value of having principled conservative Republican leadership at all levels of government and to support the conservative “farm team.”


From Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush and Donald Trump, principled Republican Presidents have displayed the courage and wisdom necessary to guide our nation through some of our greatest and most difficult times. Their leadership has stood the test of time and made America great. These principled Republicans are the ideal role models for America’s future leaders at the state and local levels of government.

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