Chris Murphy Calls for ‘Consequences’ for Saudi Arabia, Accidentally Throws Biden Under the Bus

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Let’s face it. The United States has historically had alliances all around the world with some governments that have a lot of issues, such as Saudi Arabia. In their case, we have a relationship with them that is because of our interest in oil and that they are a counterweight to Iran. Under President Donald Trump, as he worked for peace in the Middle East, he had a lot of success with Saudi Arabia and brought them closer to Israel.

But as with so many other things, Joe Biden seems to have blown up that relationship as well. He termed them a pariah nation then went begging for oil from them, fist-bumping Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Saudi Arabia then accused him of not telling the truth about the interaction and MBS scolded him for his bad energy policies. Now OPEC has cut production by two million …

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