Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to not count undated ballots could impact thousands of votes for Democrats

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We’re just days away from the midterm elections and the big question will be which party gets control of Congress. However, that answer might not come on election night because of how close some races are in key swing states, like Pennsylvania.

The Senate race between Dr. Mehmet Oz and the state’s democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is one of the tightest races in the nation.

The latest polling comes from Monmouth University and shows Oz is gaining more support from independents, going from a combined 29% to 41% in Monmouth’s polling since September. The poll, which is the first to be conducted entirely after the debate between the two candidates, finds Fetterman has 48% of the vote and Oz has 44%.

Because of how close this race is, it’s likely every single vote will need to be counted for the winner to be clear. The state …

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