About Us

The POTUS Report, which is the main website for the Conservative Action News Network, is not a typical news website. We don’t cover gossip, rumors, palace intrigue, or any fake news.

WE BELIEVE that both right-wing and left-wing news organizations don’t understand what the real LEADING news stories are. The front page newspaper stories, the top-of-the-hour cable news segments, and the top-discussed talk radio topics are often garbage news stories based on rumors and palace intrigue.

WE BELIEVE there are way too many gossip stories. Few people really care what he said or what she said in the White House, who is or isn’t getting fired, what President Trump is eating for lunch, or what Melania Trump is wearing to an event. Who cares if one anonymous source said President Trump privately “considered” this or that? Who gives a crap if so-and-so called Trump a moron?


WE BELIEVE the media covers the economy with too much data, and not enough stories about the new manufacturing facilities, new oil pipelines, and relocations.

WE BELIEVE there is too much dumb commentary and analysis. It’s difficult or impossible to find intelligent analysis on President Trump’s tweets and what his real strategy is.


Our sites are managed by multiple Editors who are policy wonks and political junkies. We do our best to update the sites with the latest news, when it breaks.  We hope you Enjoy!