You Can Be the Pebble

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Sometimes, when you least expect it, things change markedly. Sometimes, the change is driven by one person, a pebble on the scale. Suddenly, the whole balance tips. Around us, scales are in equipoise, inertia seems in charge, little ever changing. Until … the pebble.

For those given to doubt, quick with comebacks, sure that inertia – in physics and human relations – carries the day, my preemption, recommendation without hesitation: Think harder.

You are at a town meeting, school performance, sports event, or ballet, witness a courageous remark, poignant recital, solo instrument, great move – and you clap. Suddenly everyone claps. You were the pebble.

Less common, more difficult, you break further from the crowd. Seeing something spectacular –a great speech, well-acted play, moving concert, great shot, win hard fought, and you speak up, maybe stand up, give a standing clap. Suddenly …

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