UK Health Secretary Blames Flu, COVID-19, and Strep A for NHS Crisis

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Health Secretary Steve Barclay says a combination of COVID-19, flu and Strep A cases has created a perfect storm which is to blame for the crisis facing the National Health Service (NHS) this winter.

Barclay said: “There’s £500 million of investment this year going into tackling the pressure in terms of social care. So we’re putting more funding in. We’ve got more clinicians, we’ve got more staff working in the NHS.”

“Of course there’s a range of factors that we need to do. There’s been particular pressures over Christmas because we’ve had a surge in flu cases, COVID cases, and also a lot of concern around Strep A,” he added, in a pooled broadcast interview.

Barclay’s comments come just days after the President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Adrian Boyle, called on the government to “get a grip” on the crisis in NHS emergency departments across the country.

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