Memphis Facebook Live killer shot mother in front of her child

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Details are emerging about some of the victims of Ezekiel Kelly, who allegedly killed four and injured three in a shooting rampage Wednesday across Memphis, Tennessee.

Kelly killed a childhood friend, a teenage girl, and a mother who he slaughtered in front of her child as she tried to help him recover from what she thought was a car crash. As The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo writes, Kelly allegedly shot Allison Parker “who tried to help him when he reportedly pretended to need assistance on the road.”

Update: It has been confirmed that one of the victims murdered during the #Memphis mass shooting spree by suspect Ezekiel Kelly is a nurse named Allison Parker. She was shot dead in front of her daughter during a carjacking. — Andy Ngô ???? (@MrAndyNgo) September 9, 2022

Kelly allegedly began his frenzy around 12:56 am on Wednesday morning when he gunned down Dewayne Tunstall in his driveway. …

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