The King of Hate Media

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MSNBC ushered in Thanksgiving to its viewers by claiming that the holiday and the nation were built on genocide.

“We are a country founded on violence. Our birth was violent,” MSNBC star Joy Reid declared.

It was another hateful lie about our country from a 24/7 hate network built on lies.

America was not founded on violence, but on a revolutionary proclamation that all men are created equal and have a God-given right to liberty. By contrast, NBC’s takeover by Comcast was lubricated by a corrupt deal with hatemonger Al Sharpton who has described fellow racist Joy Reid as his “little sister.”

Faced with stiff political opposition to his plan to take control of NBC, Comcast owner Brian L. Roberts met with Sharpton to pitch him on garnering political support for the cable company’s bid. Once a pariah for his role in inciting anti-Semitic riots that lynched two innocent people, and …

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