Canadian Sea Sponge Could Hold Cure for COVID-19

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An international study has identified three compounds that prevent COVID-19 infection in humans, all from natural sources, including a type of sea sponge found in British Columbia.

The scientists examined a catalogue of over 350 compounds from various natural sources such as plants, fungi, and sea sponges, in search of new antiviral drugs to treat variants of COVID-19.

While 26 compounds were found to reduce viral infection completely, they identified three as being the most effective: alotaketal C from a sea sponge; bafilomycin D from a marine bacteria; and holyrine A from marine bacteria, all collected from Canadian waters.

After bathing human lung cells in solutions made from these compounds and then infecting the cells with SARS-CoV-2, the researchers found that all three were effective in preventing COVID-19 infection even in tiny doses.

Author Jimena Perez-Vargas working in the lab. (Paul Joseph)

“The advantage of these compounds is that they are …

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