The next Oberlin? Dumped professor sues college for calling her Muhammad depiction ‘Islamophobic’

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A small liberal arts college with social-justice roots. A community member accused of career-ending discrimination against a minority. And an administration that repeatedly trumpets those accusations, which were made by student activists and hinged on an extreme interpretation of a largely undisputed factual record.

Those circumstances cost Ohio’s Oberlin College over $36 million in damages, interest and legal fees last year in a defamation lawsuit brought by a family-owned bakery accused of racial profiling for tackling a black student shoplifter.

Hamline University might be the next Oberlin.

Art history professor Erika Lopez Prater sued the Minnesota liberal arts school Wednesday for publicly defaming her as a bigot and not renewing her contract after a Muslim student complained that Prater showed depictions of holy figures including Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Administrators’ initial statements suggested Prater’s opt-out lesson was responsible for her departure, with diversity chief Davis Everett saying …

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