San Diego is planning to tax residents by miles driven in cars

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Left-wing fascists in San Diego are preparing to tax residents by the mile to convince them to give up their cars.

Keep voting Democrat, geniuses.

Via Fox News:

San Diego County’s Regional Transportation Agency’s (SANDAG) latest transportation plan is designed to make driving so expensive that you succumb to public transportation. In addition to the current gas tax and registration fees, SANDAG’s plan adds three new half-cent sales tax increases, over 800 miles of San Diego County freeway lanes converted to toll lanes, and a mileage tax for every mile driven to pay for their $165 billion public mass transit plan. SANDAG’s new plan refuses to build the road improvements promised in their last plan but will continue to tax us until 2048 to pay for them. SANDAG’s finance plan states, “Charging fees for the transportation infrastructure that people use—for example, charging users for …

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