Non-woke Top Gun Maverick nominated for Oscar

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In an increasingly rare confluence of popular opinion and elite Academy taste, the non-woke Top Gun: Maverick scored six Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning, including best picture and adapted screenplay.

While Tom Cruise missed out on a nomination for lead actor, he is nominated in the best picture category as one of the movie’s producers. It marks the fourth Oscar nomination of Cruise’s career and his first in more than two decades, following Magnolia in 2000.

Top Gun: Maverick was an unqualified popular and critical success, earning $1.49 billion at the global box office and nearly unanimous praise from critics. The Paramount release notably avoided the woke sermonizing and left-wing preaching that have become commonplace in Hollywood movies, proving that audiences still crave the kind of straightforward entertainment.

As the first Hollywood box-office smash following the coronavirus pandemic, the sequel is widely credited …

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