Trump proposes the direct election of school principles by parents in sweeping education reform plan

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AMAC Exclusive – By Aaron Flanigan

Last Thursday, former President Donald Trump released a comprehensive policy plan to “save American education” and “restore power to American parents”—one of the first major policy rollouts of his 2024 presidential campaign. The plan, which was outlined in a video posted to Trump’s Truth Social page and in an email sent to the press, follows previous policy proposals concerning the protection of free speech and eliminating drug cartels.

“Our public schools have been taken over by the radical left maniacs,” said Trump. To address this problem, the first component of his plan includes cutting federal funding for schools and programs pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender ideology on American children—a strategy Trump has promoted in many of his rallies and speeches.

“Next,” Trump continued, “I will direct the Departments of Justice and Education to open civil rights investigations into …

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