Pfizer sponsors awards show with satanic themed performance by “non-binary” and “transgender” performers (too bizarre to make up)

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Last night the 65th Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles and were broadcast on CBS. You’d be forgiven if you had no clue they were happening. Who among us really wants to watch increasingly out-of-touch celebrities revel in each other’s accomplishments, make crude jokes, and turn acceptance speeches into platforms for social justice virtue signaling?

If you’re a longtime LifeSite reader, however, you may already know that what the Grammys has to offer is even more nauseating than that. The famed music industry awards show has an extensive history of lascivious and demonic imagery and performances – all on prime time national television, no less.

On those fronts the 2023 Grammys did not fail to deliver yet again. I have in mind the “nonbinary” singer Sam Smith and “transgender” performer Kim Petras, who starred in a blatantly satanic, immodest performance of their hit song “Unholy,” which is about a man cheating on his wife…

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