BREAKING: Joe Biden lied about U.S. involvement in Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

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The Biden administration had been intending to take out the Nord Stream pipeline since December 2021. This was two months before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, while Putin was amassing troops on the border.It was “the first of a series of top-secret meetings,” reports Seymour Hersh , and it was here that the crucial question was asked by the president’s advisors, which was if they should recommend further economic sanctions to Biden, or something irreversible. It was Jake Sullivan, Hersh reports, according to a source, who intended to concoct a plan to destroy two of the Nord Stream pipelines, known collectively as Nord Stream 1, that were delivering natural gas from Russia to Europe, and to recommend that course of action to the president.Many plans and schemes as to how to go about this were entertained, but as they developed, the winning plan involved the use of deep-sea Navy divers, …

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