Two biggest phonies in Republican party get into argument at state of union address

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Sen. Mitt Romney called serial liar Rep. George Santos a “sick puppy” and said the Long Island Republican didn’t “belong” in the House chamber in a heated exchange before President Biden delivered his State of the Union address.

The veteran Republican senator scolded the truth-averse freshman lawmaker for taking a prime and highly visible, center-aisle seat in the chamber as members of Congress piled in for Biden’s speech Tuesday evening.

“You don’t belong here,” the Utah Republican said to Santos, who has admitted to lying about parts of his past and is facing several investigations into his campaign finances.

Brief video captured some of the tense encounter, though Romney later said he couldn’t hear the entire exchange.

“I don’t know the exact words I said. He shouldn’t have been there. Look, he’s a sick puppy. He shouldn’t have been there,” Romney told reporters after …

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