Evidence of Biden’s criminality grows

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

In the era of Richard Nixon, reporters were eager to gather and report facts, infer and assert duplicity, dishonesty, and presidential dissembling. In the era of Joe Biden, they do the reverse – work overtime to plead ignorance as evidence continues to mount of serious criminality.

Watergate Judge John Sirica, not satisfied that facts added up to presidential innocence, pressed reporters and prosecutors to “follow the money,” documents, witnesses, and timelines. His insistence that the truth mattered, that criminality might be afoot, proved prescient.

Today, we have an inverted world. We have major news outlets omitting, mischaracterizing, and defensively pretending important facts do not matter, trivial ones do. Thus, the New York Times reports another search of Biden properties – this time a Beach House – “was undertaken with the cooperation of the president and his legal team,” FBI “found no classified documents …took some materials, including handwritten notes.”…

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