Whistleblower “witnessed children experience shocking injuries” at pediatric transgender clinic

Article originally appeared on www.dailysignal.com.

Doctors and nurses at a Midwestern medical center that diagnoses children with gender dysphoria and prescribes experimental drugs and surgeries to make their healthy male or female bodies resemble those of the opposite sex in pursuit of a “transgender” identity may lose their medical licenses in the wake of a whistleblower’s damning testimony.

Jamie Reed, who describes herself as a “progressive” and says she is “married to a transman,” published a chilling account of her experiences at the Washington University Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital on the news website The Free Press Thursday. Later that day, Attorney General Andrew Bailey, R-Mo., released Reed’s sworn testimony about the center.

Reed notes that she worked at the center from 2018 to November 2022, and that while she supports “trans rights,” she “witnessed the Center cause permanent harm to many of the patients.”

“During my time at the Center, I personally …

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