Crazy Washington State bill would have taxpayers pay for trans surgeries for runaway teen minors

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Washington Democrats have proposed a bill that effectively encourages minors to run away from home to receive gender-affirming care, including gender reassignment surgery, without parental consent and at taxpayer expense.

Democrats passed similar legislation allowing minors to receive gender-affirming care without parental consent in 2019. But those kids were still subject to parental oversight. Senate Bill 5599, sponsored by far-left state senator Marko Liias (D-Everett), changes that. It permits shelters or host homes to provide housing for runaway minors without being required to notify their parents.

This is arguably the most extreme bill Democrats have attempted to pass in the history of the state legislature.

One of the bill’s sponsors offered an amendment he says addresses concerns in this article. Update found at bottom of story.

The bill explicitly allows for gender surgery without parental consent

Shelters or host homes will not need to report a runaway to parents if they have …

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