Failure to launch: Nikki Haley only polling at 13% in her home state of South Carolina

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Nikki Haley will unveil her 2024 presidential campaign at home in South Carolina on Wednesday, but it’s former President Donald Trump that Palmetto State Republicans want as their nominee.

According to a new primary voter survey shared with Secrets just hours before Haley hits the stage in Charleston, South Carolina, Trump leads the state’s favorite daughter 35%-16%. Expected challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is second with 22%.


Pollster Rick Shaftan said that Haley has “severe” problems as she enters the race a year before the state hosts its primary.

He said, “70 percent of South Carolina Republicans do not mention Haley as a first, second, or third place choice despite her 100% name ID.”

The new poll of 300 repeat Republican primary voters said that while Haley is well liked, many do not know much about her or her …

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