Senator Tim Kaine’s wife is offended by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence

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Suparna Dutta’s Virginia Board of Education nomination was pulled last-minute for not being ‘qualified’ – one week ahead of being confirmed to her seat

The withdrawal came after she got in a dispute with board member Anne Holton about socialism and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Dutta believes ‘socialism is very destructive’ and that ‘America won’t be great if it isn’t allowed to keep its independent streak’

A Virginia Board of Education nominee, who championed ‘traditional American values,’ was removed a week after declaring socialism is ‘as bad as communism’ in a spat with another member.

Suparna Dutta, of Fairfax, was one week away from being confirmed to her seat on the Virginia Board of Education after she was appointed by Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, 56, when she disputed a claim made by her fellow board member last week.


Board member Anne Holton – who is married to Democratic Senator Tim …

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