Billionaire predicts anti-woke crusader Vivek Ramaswamy will be president in 2024

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Billionaire Bill Ackman believes he’s found the next president of the United States – and it’s not Joe Biden or Ron DeSantis.

The Pershing Square Capital Boss threw his support behind Strive Asset Management founder Vivek Ramaswamy.

The 37-year-old investor is an outspoken critic of so-called “woke capitalism” who acknowledged this week that he was considering a presidential bid in the 2024 election — despite lacking any prior political experience.

“I am going to make a bold and early call. @VivekGRamaswamy will run for POTUS and win. I think the country is ready for his message,” Ackman tweeted on Wednesday. “He is young, smart, talented and will attract the center to the right to win. He speaks hard truths which many believe but fear to say.”

“He is a very talented and successful entrepreneur who understands business, economics, healthcare, politics, history and geopolitics. You won’t likely agree …

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