The left wants more gun laws… but they don’t enforce gun laws

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Within hours of a shooting at Michigan State University that left three dead and five in critical condition, Michigan State Rep. Ranjeev Puri took to Twitter to address the nation. “F*** your thoughts and prayers,” he said, riffing on the progressive meme that thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of a school shooting distract from needed action on gun control. “Living in a society plagued by gun violence can be prevented,” he said. “Our office will continue to work tirelessly to pass common sense gun control.”

Forget, if you can, how embarrassed you would be if your son said something like that. Even on his terms, there is little chance the “common sense” regulations Puri had in mind would have prevented what unfolded Monday at Michigan State.


The shooter, Anthony McRae, was a disturbed forty-something who lived with his father. He had no connection to the university, had never been committed to a hospital, …

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