Conservatives on Verge of Victory in Culture War

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AMAC Exclusive – By Daniel Berman

In 2023, something that has not happened for decades is occurring: Conservatives are on the verge of victory in the “culture wars.”

One of the most common questions posed to students is whether history is driven by great men or wider social forces. It is hard to watch coverage of so-called “woke” issues in 2023 without reaching the conclusion that some greater social shift is at work. Something has changed.

It is no longer just conservative outlets shouting about “CRT” or “men in women’s bathrooms.” The New York Times, a bastion of liberal respectability, is running weekly articles questioning schools hiding student transitioning from parents. Left-wing, African American professors are telling tales of being canceled by students. Five Democrat State Representatives in Connecticut have proposed banning the use of the word “Latinx” by the state.

The idea that wokeness has gone too far is not just a conservative view. Increasingly it is becoming …

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