Does Vivek Ramaswamy have a constituency in the republican primary?

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Last week, news broke that Vivek Ramaswamy — the former biotech CEO-turned-bestselling author and culture warrior — is weighing whether to run for president.

According to a report from Politico, Ramaswamy has been in Iowa trying to court political allies so that in the event he does run for president in 2024, he would be able to make his presence felt with a strong performance in the Iowa caucus.

Never having previously held elected office, Ramaswamy reportedly wants to recreate what Donald Trump did in the 2016 presidential election by “enter[ing] the race with an entrepreneurial spirit, unorthodox ideas, and few expectations, and end up developing a major following that will carry him to the presidency.”

And to be fair, this approach is no longer unprecedented in contemporary politics. People like Trump proved there is, in fact, an appetite for people who have never held office coming in to shake things up. It’s part of the reason …

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