Joe Biden Turns the American Government Into Wokeness, Inc.

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Last week, as Presidents Day weekend loomed, the Biden administration dropped a little-noticed executive order. That executive order happened to be one of the broadest, most transformative executive orders in modern American history; it turned the federal government into one giant machine designed for the propagation of woke principles. The so-called “Executive Order On Further Advancing Racial Equity And Support For Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government” — presumably titled in jargonistic gobbledygook in order to avoid scrutiny — set out the key guiding principle for the Biden administration. This principle, “equity,” will now be used to redirect the entirety of the federal government’s awesome powers.

What, pray tell, is “equity”? It certainly isn’t equality — the presumption that Americans ought to be treated equally under the law as individuals. Instead, equity presumes that any group disparities must be the result of perverse government policy, and …

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