Militant black agitator Angela Davis learns her ancestors came to America on the Mayflower

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Angela Davis is a poster girl for leftist radicals. She’s a communist, former Black Panther, and critical theorist, who has made a career out of sowing racial division. On Wednesday, however, the victimhood status she’s been carefully curating and profiting off for decades was severely undermined after it was revealed that Davis is a descendent of the earliest Europeans to begin settling North America, the Mayflower passengers.

On an episode of PBS’s “Finding Your Roots,” host Henry Louis Gates Jr. revealed to Davis that she is descended from William Brewster, one of the 101 colonists who voyaged to America in 1620 aboard the Mayflower.

“No, I can’t believe this. No, my ancestors did not come here on the Mayflower,” Davis said in disbelief. “Your ancestors came on the Mayflower,” Gates reaffirmed. “Oof. That’s a little bit too much to deal with right now,” Davis responded.

“Do you know …

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