Five ways the trainwreck revealed the trainwreck

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“While this, uh, horrible situation has gotten a particularly high amount of attention, there are roughly 1,000 cases a year of a train derailing,” Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, attempting to reassure Yahoo Finance viewers in a video posted February 16 that the catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio, is really not so bad in the grand scheme of things. It had taken almost two weeks before news of the trainwreck penetrated Buttigieg’s bubble. Touring among allied journalists, Buttigieg gave 23 media interviews during the first 10 days after the incident without receiving a single question about the disaster.

But vigilante journalists broadcasting from smartphones and on podcasts began sending out pictures of streams filled with dead fish and oily chemicals. Impoverished residents coughed up blood during interviews. Buttigieg, fluent only in wokespeak, seemed surprised and annoyed that his usually potent charm failed to bewitch Americans seeking …

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