Joe Biden can’t stop lying

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Joe Biden is known for his perennial gaffes and misstatements. His critics view him as an outright liar while his fans acknowledge that Biden is prone to exaggerations that do far more harm than good.

But, there was a time when Biden was viewed as not just a “young and athletic” agent of change in the Democratic Party—but as the bright hope for the Democratic Party’s future.

First elected in 1972 to the United States Senate representing Delaware, Joe Biden was greeted with great enthusiasm by his colleagues. There were multiple calls for him to run for the presidency in 1976, when he would officially be old enough to do so. Biden resisted those calls for a decade before opting to enter an open field in 1987.

It was the end of the Reagan Administration and Democrats had taken a beating for most of the 1980s, with Reagan as their great villain. …

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