The Education Revolution

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A revolution is coming in public education. It will be hard to reverse, as confidence in public education declines. While the political left does not want to believe it, or acknowledge the cause, it is happening. Parents tired of false, perverse, activist, unaccountable, objectively poor “education” of their kids – who have only one youth – are pulling them out of public schools.

Dramatically up is the number of families choosing to “home school” their children, or send them to private religious and secular schools. Up too are private schools being formed to accommodate rising parental concern, what some would call disgust, with trends in education. The number of families homeschooling has recently doubled, no end in sight.

While private schools were down 20 years ago, they are now rising again, with one in three schools private and on-line resources exploding for home schooling as well as “school formation.” Moreover, the vast majority of private …

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