Republicans Get Answers from Secretary Yellen About Biden’s Tax Hikes and IRS’s Repeated Abuse of Taxpayers

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WASHINGTON, DC – House Ways and Means Committee Republicans questioned Secretary Yellen about the Biden Administration’s plans to spend $80 billion to hire 87,000 agents to audit working-class families, raise taxes by $4.7 trillion, and its failure to reassure the public about the IRS’s politically motivated leaks of confidential tax information.

In his opening statement, Chairman Smith urged the Treasury Department to address the trust gap with the American people after President Biden’s repeated economic failures and ongoing IRS abuses:

“After two years of economic failures, the American people desperately want results. The budget before us today calls for $4.7 trillion in new taxes and $6.9 trillion in new spending, during a staggering debt crisis.”

“The American people are struggling. We know because they told us so in Yukon, Oklahoma, and in Petersburg, West Virginia, during hearings with this Committee.”

“The President’s budget …

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