BREAKING: President Trump to be indicted Today, expected in NY court next week: report

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Donald Trump is set to be indicted on Wednesday, but won’t appear before a judge in New York until next week, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

A source familiar with the proceedings told the Mail that there will be no arraignment this week. The former president, who is currently in Florida, is expected to be formally charged tomorrow, where the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will contact Trump and his Secret Service detail to make arrangements for his surrender.

The New York Police Department and Metro Police Department have put a large number of officers outside of the courthouse in anticipation of the arrest. Officials in New York City and Washington, DC are preparing for possible unrest and demonstrations after Trump’s call for his supporters to ” protest, protest, protest ” in response to the possible indictment over alleged hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels. This is a breaking …

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