Dept. of Transit whistleblower reveals bungled response to Ohio train disaster was politically motivated

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Benny Johnson recently visited Washington, DC to film a practical joke where he went to the headquarters of the Department of Transportation and set up a fake station to offer bottles of water, explaining it originated from East Palestine, Ohio, only to encounter a 25-year DOT veteran who told him that the bungled response to the February 3 train derailment was politically motivated.

“I’m in federal railroad,” the man said, explaining that in the wake of the Norfolk Southern 50-car train derailment that released toxic chemicals into the East Palestine community, “Nobody panicked. Nobody scrambled. And it’s, like, why? Why aren’t we taking this seriously?”

The man said that, under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the department directs resources based on a state’s political leanings and the fact that East Palestine voted for Trump by a 70 percent margin affected the government’s response to the crisis.

“They’ll step in—well we want …

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