Joe Biden jokes about motive of trans school shooter

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President Biden stepped off Marine 1 on Tuesday to a gaggle of reporters full of questions. One asked the president to respond to Senator Josh Hawley’s remarks that Christians were targeted in a school shooting on Monday at a Nashville Christian school.”Well,” Biden replied, according to CNN White House reporter DJ Judd, “I probably don’t then.” Then he clarified that comment to say that he was only joking about the motivations of the trans, biolgical female school shooter.”No, I’m joking,” he said . “I have no idea.”

Three children and three adults were killed on Monday by 28-year-old female Audrey Hale, who went by Aiden and identified as transgender. Hale was shot and killed by police officers after being cornered on the second floor of the Covenant School.This is in sharp contrast to Biden’s reaction to the shooting deaths of three Muslim men in New Mexico in Ausgust 2022. At the time, without any evidence or information, Biden declared that the …

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