NBC News tries to make trans community the victims of Christian school massacre

Article originally appeared on www.breitbart.com.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Hallie Jackson Now,” host and NBC News Senior Washington Correspondent Hallie Jackson stated that in the wake of the Nashville school shooting, conservative Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives are “pivoting” “from changing gun laws” to “anti-trans rhetoric or to calling this a hate crime against Christians.”

While discussing the prospect of federal gun control legislation passing in Congress in the wake of the Nashville shooting and opposition to further gun control measures by Republicans in Congress with NBC News Senior National Political Reporter Sahil Kapur, Jackson said, “The conversation is pivoting too, when it comes to some more conservative lawmakers, from changing gun laws to something like mental health, for example. Other Republicans to anti-trans rhetoric or to calling this a hate crime against Christians. It seems like that’s where the conversation is, at least in the House of Representatives.”

Kapur responded, “Yeah, there’s …

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