House Committee Releases More Evidence Biden Lied About Family’s China Ties

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed last week that an investigation into President Joe Biden has found “as many as 11” separate financial transactions linking the First Family to corporations backed by the Chinese Communist Party – directly contradicting multiple statements by Biden about his family’s business dealings.

These most recent findings by Comer’s committee come after a report released on March 16 detailing more than a million dollars in payments funneled from a Chinese company through multiple entities until it finally reached the bank accounts of several members of the Biden family.

“On March 1, 2017, less than two months after Vice President Joe Biden left public office, State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese company, wired $3 million to [Biden family associate] Rob Walker’s company,” the report states. “The next day, the company wired $1,065,000 to a company associated with …

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